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Mission Statement:

        CCITA is dedicated to creating and fostering focused interactions between scientists,
engineers, and mathematicians for the purpose of developing and applying advanced
methodologies in physics, geophysics, and high performance computer modeling to research
of direct relevance to national and international safety, security, and peace. The Center's
work divides into the following six Research Program Elements:

     1. Program for monitoring and verifying the nuclear Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT).
     2. Program for anti-personnel landmine and unexploded ordnance detection and
     3. Program for environmental monitoring and protection.
     4. Program for natural hazard (e.g., earthquake) assessment.
     5. Program for environmentally non-invasive geophysical prospecting and imaging.
     6. Program on the structure, dynamics, and evolution of the Earth, its solid regions as
               well as its oceans and atmosphere.

Operative Principles:

        There are two principles that guide the endeavors of the Center:
     Principle 1. Genuine advances in the Center's Programs require active and substantial
                          collaboration with industry and the Federal Government.
     Principle 2. It is both important and useful to include young scientists at all levels
                           (undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral) in the Center's research


Michael H. Ritzwoller
Director Associate Professor in Physics
Eric Bergman CCITA Fellow Global Seismological Services
E. Robert Engdahl CCITA Fellow Lecturer in Physics
Thomas L. Geers CCITA Fellow Professor in Mechanical Engineering
Danny Harvey CCITA Fellow Boulder Real Time Technologies
Eugene M. Lavely CCITA Fellow Blackhawk Geometrics
Anatoli L. Levshin CCITA Fellow Lecturer in Physics
Lev Ostrovsky CCITA Fellow Research Associate in CIRES/NOAA
Peter B. Weichman CCITA Fellow Blackhawk Geometrics
Misha Barmin CCITA Post-Doc Physics
Junseong Heo CCITA Post-Doc Physics
Alan Lun CCITA Post-Doc Physics
Antonio Villasenor CCITA Post-Doc Physics

Industrial Affiliates: