The Geophysics Group in the Department of Physics at the University of Colorado at Boulder is located on the 7th floor of the Gamow Tower in the Duane Physics Complex. Broadly speaking, the group's research involves the use of modern seismic and satellite-based remote sensing and geodetic techniques to investigate the structure and dynamics of the solid earth and hydrosphere. Most of the research involves an intimate mixture of data analysis and computer modeling. The primary goals are to learn about the elastic, inelastic, and viscous properties of the earth's solid interior and about time-varying mass-fluxes in the earth's hydrosphere and in the porous solid subsurface. In addition, the aim of much of the seismological research is to provide research products to help to monitor the nuclear Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

 For additional information, please contact:

Mike Ritzwoller or John Wahr
Department of Physics
Campus Box 390
University of Colorado at Boulder
Boulder, CO 80309-0390
Gamow Geophysical Lab Office:
Pat Weis-Taylor (Business Manager)
phone: (303) 492-5243
fax:   (303) 492-7935