General Information

     Information for prospective graduate students can be obtained from the Departments of Physics or Geological Sciences.  Questions should be addressed to Prof. Mike Ritzwoller, to Prof. John Wahr, or to the graduate secretaries in these two departments: Susan Thompson in Physics or Kathleen Freeman in Geological Sciences.

Current Openings

    Undergraduate Students. Prof. Ritzwoller frequently hires undergraduate students to work on a variety of projects. The nature of the project depends on each student's background, capabilities, and interests. They range from introductory projects that involve data processing to full-blown research projects that lead to a senior thesis, professional talks, and publications. There is nearly always an opening for motivated students.

    Graduate Students.  At present there are the following openings.

(1) Surface Wave Seismology. Prof. Ritzwoller (492-7075) has an opening for a student to work on numerical simulations of seismic wavefields in heterogeneous 3D media. The application of the method will be to understand complexities in the surface wavefield as they reflect, refract, and diffract around and through complicated continental structures and how these complexities affect our ability to infer information about the structures.

(2) Surface Wave Seismology. Prof. Ritzwoller (492-7075) has an opening for a student to work on the surface wave inverse problem. The problem is to infer a model of the 3D structure of the crust and upper mantle and uncertainties in the model from the surface wave dispersion maps that the group has been developing over the past several years.

(3) Normal Mode Seismology. Prof. Ritzwoller (492-7075) has an opening for a student to work on normal mode seismology. This work involves the analysis of the seismic normal mode spectrum above 3 mHz to infer new constraints on the structure of the mantle. What is particularly exciting about this work right now is the possibility to estimate density variations in the mantle. Models of density would provide strong constraints on the deep structure of mantle convection.

(4) Geodesy/Geodynamics. Prof. Wahr (492-8349) is interested in talking to students about research opportunities in satellite-based hydrology, oceanography, and geodynamics.

    Post-Doctoral Research Associates.  There is currently one Post-Doctoral Position available. The advertizement follows.
Postdoctoral Research Associate/Numerical Seismic Wavefield  Simulation/University of Colorado at Boulder/Department of Physics.

The Gamow Geophysical Lab seeks applicants with backgrounds in computational physics, geophysics, fluid dynamics, or wave propagation to fill a postdoctoral  position in the area of 3D seismic wavefield simulation. Experience in some area of the geophysical sciences is preferred but is not required.

The successful applicant will join a group of seismologists working on seismic inversions ranging from the pure to applied. Initially, he or she will work on problems in surface wave seismology of relevance to monitoring the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. Other applications are to hydrocarbon exploration, seismic hazard assessment, and mapping the crust and uppermost mantle.

Minimum requirements include a Ph.D. in physics, geophysics,applied mathematics, engineering or related areas and a strong background in the numerical solution of partial differential  equations in multiple spatial dimensions. Expertise in UNIX, Fortran, and C are required. Other desired expertise includes direct experience with 2D and/or 3D seismic wavefield modeling, distributed multi-processing and/or use of massively parallel supercomputers, and seismological inversions of the crust and/or sedimentary basins. Expertise with MPI, PVM, HPF or other parallel languages and message passing environments is also desired.

Salaries will be competitive and commensurate with experience, and the incumbents will be offered full benefits provided to employees of the University of Colorado.

Please send a resume, a statement of relevant research experience and interests, and a list of at least three references to Prof. Mike Ritzwoller, Department of Physics, Campus Box 390, University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, CO 80309-0390 or to

The closing date for applications is November 1, 1998. Questions  can be directed to Pat Weis-Taylor at or (303) 492-5243. Some information about the Gamow Geophysical Lab can be found at

The University of Colorado at Boulder supports the principle of diversity in all its forms. We are interested in receiving applications from women, ethnic minorities, persons with disabilities, veterans, and veterans of the Vietnam era.