These tables are formatted as follows. Each table contains structure coefficients only at a single structural degree s. Each row contains the even degree self-coupled structure coefficients for a single multiplet. The first 3 columns specify the n, type, and l of the multiplet and the final 2s+1 columns specify the degree s structure coefficients.
n s/t l c1 c2 c3 ...... c(2s+1)
The structure coefficients are normalized relative to fully normalized complex spherical harmonics (e.g, Edmonds, 1960) which are commonly used in normal mode studies (e.g., Woodhouse, 1980). For example, for degree 2 there are 5 coefficients: c20, Re c21, Im c21, Re c22, Im c22. For degree 4 there are 9 coefficients, etc. The units of the coefficients are micro-Hz.
A discussion of the structure coefficients can be found by clicking the following: 1, 2, 3. A discussion of normalization is on the second page.
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