Anatoli Levshin

Lecturer, Ph.D. Institute of Physics of the Earth, Moscow, USSR, 1962 D.Sc. Institute of Physics of the Earth, Moscow, USSR, 1971 Professor of Geophysics, Russian Academy of Sciences (on leave) Anatoli Levshin is a member of the Geophysics Group.

Dr. Levshin's research has included work in the theory of seismic wave generation and propagation in the Earth, as well as analysis and interpretation of observed seismic fields. Applications include earthquake seismology on global and regional scale, nuclear nonproliferation, seismic prospecting for mineral deposits, and environmental monitoring. He is especially interested in seismic surface and channel waves studies.

His research at CU is dedicated to the surface wave tomography of the crust and lithosphere of Eurasia, Antarctica, and South America.

Selected Publications

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