The research performed by members of the GGL divides into two general categories, basic and applied research. The applied research is performed under the Colorado Center for Imaging, Tomography, and Analysis (CCITA).

        The basic research itself divides into two types. The first is seismic studies of the crust and mantle. These studies are currently concentrating on the use of surface waves to map the structure of the crust and upper mantle under Antarctica, the Arctic, Eurasia, and South America and on normal modes to map the structure of the lower mantle.  Most of this work is done by Prof. Ritzwoller's group. The second is geodetic and geodynamic studies of the earth's response to time-varying mass distributions in the hydrosphere and solid earth. Most of this work is performed by Prof. Wahr and collaborators.

Seismology (address questions to Mike Ritzwoller)

    Funding Agencies: NATO, NSF - AST, NSF - EAR, NSF- OPP,  DSWA

   Seismology publications

Geodynamics/Geodesy (address questions to John Wahr)

    Funding Agencies: NSF - EAR, NASA

    Geodynamics/Geodesy publications